Residential Roofing Repair

Your roof is the first line of defense for protecting your home from moisture. When there are spots with missing shingles or tiles, or areas where your roof is obviously compromised, you need professional residential roof repair. One Roofing Company is a licensed Las Vegas roofing company that has the experience, and commitment to quality, needed to get your roof back to its former state.

Residential Roofing Maintenance

It is important to maintain your residence’s roof for several reasons. The roof is the primary starting point for mold and wet-rot problems, which can cause both health concerns to you and your family and structural damage to your home. A well-maintained roof also increases your energy efficiency, lowering your cooling and heating bills. Regular maintenance on your roof should be done one to two times a year and is an important way to find the small fixes before they develop into larger, more costly problems.

Some common signs of roofs in need of maintenance or repair are:

Damaged flashing
Missing Shingles or Tiles
Algae growth

One Roofing Company can help you identify any of these problems, and will take the burden of regular roof maintenance off of your shoulders. If your roof can be repaired without the cost of replacing it, we will inform you of all possible repair options. We can look for and replace any missing shingles or tiles, examine and replace any old and compromised flashing, remove old caulk, and reseal any deteriorating mortar or caulking around chimneys or joints. With regular maintenance, you can ensure your roof will last years to come.

Types Of Residential Roofs

The most common residential roofs we work with are:

Sloped roofs – single pitched, gabled, or tripped roofs
Flat roofs – roofs with ten degree or less of a slope
Solar roofs – the addition of solar power to your residential roof increases its resale value and saves you money by reducing your monthly electric utility payments

Emergency Roof Repair

When something unexpected compromises your home’s roof, you need immediate repair or a temporary emergency cover to protect everything inside. Weather, fire and animals are the most common and unpreventable factors that can damage your roof. Whatever the emergency, we offer 24-hour emergency residential roof repair to help minimize any further damage done to your home. If you have a residential building and are in need a new roof in the Las Vegas area, call One Roofing Company today for a free estimate.