New Roofs For Commercial Buildings

Does your commercial building need a new roof? Your roof is often the first line of defense for protecting your investment against environmental hazards. If you are in the Las Vegas area, look no further than One Roofing Company. We are roofing contractors with expertise in re-roofing commercial buildings and we back our work with long-term warranties.

Commercial Roof Replacement In Las Vegas

Deciding to replace your roof is a big decision, and we take the hassle out of outfitting your commercial building with the new roofing it needs. We make the process as direct and transparent as possible, providing a thorough analysis of the problem along with honest solutions. We have worked hard to develop a respected and trust-worthy business in Las Vegas by putting the needs of our clients first. Commercial roofing has a unique set of hurdles that need respect from the roofing company doing the job. One Roofing Company recognizes that your commercial building represents your business and source of income, and we do our best to minimize the inconveniences of having a new roof installed.

Types of commercial buildings we can update with a new roof:

  • Apartment Complexes
  • Condo Buildings
  • Schools
  • Shopping Centers
  • Other Retail Buildings

Why Get a New Commercial Roof Installed?

A new roof, aside from increasing the value of your property, will help reduce your overall maintenance costs by increasing energy efficiency by up to 10%. This means annual savings of hundreds of dollars that compounds with time. A new roof on your commercial building will also help prevent hazards such as mold and wet-rot, which are contributors to structural damage and health problems for those who may be working or living in your building. 70% of water damage to buildings occurs at roof level.

Some insurance providers also reduce the policy rate on your commercial building when it has a new roof installed. Check with your insurance provider to see if you are eligible to receive discounts for installing a new roof.

Commercial Building Roof Repair

Sometimes an entirely new roof is not necessary, and you can effectively salvage a pre-existing roof on your commercial building by replacing or fixing the damaged area. We can replace shingles and tiles if that is what the job requires, and your roof will be restored to like-new condition. If you have a commercial building and are in need a new roof in the Las Vegas area, call One Roofing Company today.