Flat Roofs

Any roof that has a pitch of less than ten percent is considered a flat roof. If you are interested in replacing, repairing, or installing a flat roof in the Las Vegas area, One Roofing Company is licensed to bring you the expertise and quality work for which we are known. Do not leave your home’s first line of defense to chance, ensure you get the flat roof your home or commercial building deserves.

New Flat Roof Installation

Some people opt for flat roof installation because flat roofs offer a few benefits over their sloped counterparts. The cost of installation is usually less expensive, than repairing and maintaining an older roof. Because a flat roof has virtually no pitch, they are easier to inspect. They also provide a specific aesthetic element that sets them apart from buildings with a more traditional sloped roof. For those wishing to develop a green space on their roof, thus maximizing their real estate, flat roofs are ideal. Conversely, though, a flat roof requires re-coating and re-sealing every few years to protect and preserve its longevity. It is important to maintain your flat roof properly in order to extend its life span.

Flat Roof Repair

Part of properly caring for your roof includes attending to problem areas early, before they have a chance to develop into much larger and more costly problems. Our roofing experts will identify areas on your flat roof that require repair and provide options for moving forward. Regular maintenance will help ensure you retain your roof’s integrity and protect your home for years to come.
Some signs we look for that indicate the need for repairs:

Damaged flashing
Missing Shingles or Tiles
Algae Growth
Cracked Caulking

Flat Roof Replacement

If your flat roof is 10 to 20 years old, it may be time to start thinking about replacing it with a new one. We specialize in flat roof replacement and can inspect your current roof to see if it is time to invest in a new one for your home or commercial building.
Free Estimates

Our mission is to provide quality roofing services and exceptional customer service with every client interaction. We are happy to answer any questions and provide you with a free estimate. If you live in the Las Vegas area and would like information about installing a new flat roof or just replacing or repairing a pre-existing one, give One Roofing Company a call today.